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Gondwana Dreaming offers a range of personalised natural history tours with a strong but not exclusive geological theme.  We focus on the natural and cultural history of the places we visit and show how geology has contributed to our environment, from the scenery we admire to the distribution of flora and fauna and the way we live.

We offer short tours in the Canberra Region and south-eastern Australia and longer tours to more remote Australian destinations, including the tropical north, the outback, Tasmania and Lord Howe Island.

Occasionally, we even team up with like-minded colleagues overseas to take you to places like New Zealand with its active volcanoes and glaciers.

And of course
Our ever popular Fossil Digs with famous palaeontologists.

You can join scientists at the frontier of scientific discovery.  Be the first to uncover a fossil that has been preserved in stone and buried for millions of years.  A lot of fun and great hands-on learning.. and no, you don't have to be a scientist to join!

We offer opportunities, from time-to-time for interested people to join scientists from different disciplines for fieldwork - this may involve trapping reptiles, collecting bugs and plants or simply tracking mammals.  An excellent way to spend a holiday if sitting on a beach is not your scene!
These tours financially support scientific research!

If you are a scientist with a field program but limited funding to carry it out - get in touch.  We can help with funding and put together a team of keen and interested helpers.

To find out who, what, where and when is only part of each story - we ask how and why!

There is more to geology than a pile of old rocks!  It is the key to our environment!

We specialise in private tours and tours for small groups of up to 15 people.

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