Earth Science Week Activities Continued
October 2002

A Geology and Natural History Walk

Step back in time at Molonglo Gorge!

Take a big step back in time to a period when all of eastern Australia, including the Canberra region, was submerged beneath a deep ocean; a time about 450 million years ago, when our planet's only life forms thrived in the sea and Australia was still joined to Antarctica! 

The rocks in Molonglo Gorge tell of this time millions of years ago, come along and learn to read what they tell us. It's easy, really, once you learn a few tricks!  You might even come across the fossilised remains of one of the early inhabitants!

The gorge itself began to form a mere 15 million years ago - if it hadn't, the Molonglo River would be flowing to the east and the Nation's Capital would probably not have been built here!  In this gorge you still find stands of natural vegetation preserved in a relatively unspoiled state, including some unusual plants, now uncommon to the region.  Discover how the Earth's geological history has influenced our modern natural and cultural environment - your guide and interpreter is a jargon free geologist.

Venue:  Molonglo Gorge near Queanbeyan
Time:  11 AM to about 2 PM.  We stop for lunch at the Blue Tiles Picnic Area before returning to the car park.
Costs:  Adults:  $11.00
Children 5 - 16: $5.50
Pensioners:  $5.50

Please bring your own lunch and refreshments!
Fitness requirements
: moderate - the track is a bit narrow in places and occasionally a bit slippery where it is wet. Not very steep although there are some natural rock steps in places.  Total return walk: about 4 kilometers (allow about 2 hours). Wear good walking shoes with non-slip soles and clothing to suit the day. Bookings are essential!

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