Canberra Region and South Eastern Australia

Canberra - Before Federation (or before politics gave it a bad name) - Introduction to the geology, prehistory and history of the Canberra region.  Itineraries tailored to suit your interests and needs - 1 day.

Geology and Wine in the Canberra region - Wines come from grapes and grapes grow on vines, vines grow in soil and soil comes from rock.  Learn about the history of rocks and taste the wines that grow in the soil.  How does soil affect the taste of wine?  Find out and taste the results with a superb lunch at a winery - 1 day.

Building Stones of Parliament House - The story behind the trim.  The building stones used in the construction of Canberra's New Parliament House are not only beautiful, they all have a story to tell - day.

A Trip Through Time - Taemas & Wee Jasper - Visit the fossilised remains of a 400 million year old coral reef.  See one of southeastern Australia's most beautiful caves, take a walk along a creek which is home to hundreds of water dragons and try your hand at fossicking for sapphires.  See abundant birds, native fauna and even a stand of a rare and endangered native plants - 1-2 days.

Fossil Digs with world famous palaentologists - We look for 360 million years old fish fossils at Canowindra, and for ancient tetrapods, the first four-footed land dwellers; the missing link between fish and land vertebrates.  Many other fossil deposits all over Australia.  With these digs, we assist palaeontologist with their research and provide funding for research - 1-6 days.

Australia's Southeast Coast 280 Million Years Ago - See evidence of huge ice floats, permafrost, fascinating minerals and fossils all dating back to a time when the land was in the grip of an ice age - 3 days.

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